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ZabSports is a leading provider of daily fantasy sports software offering white label and custom daily fantasy sports solutions that span several types of games, sports, and features.

Daily Fantasy Sports Apps That Always Engage

ZabSports, the premier white label fantasy sports software development company, is dedicated to crafting immersive experiences in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. With a team of skilled developers and designers, we create captivating apps that allow users to build their dream teams, compete against friends, and win real prizes.


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Daily Fantasy Sports App Features

User registration

Player selection

Contest creation

Contest joining

Live scoring

Team management 


Wallets integration

Social sharing


Referral bonus

Achievement badges

Admin dashboards

Intuitive UI

User and contest management

Content management

Player data management

Real-time monitoring

Customer support

Analytics and reporting

CRM and customer dashboard

Agent management

Bonus management

Multi-lingual platform

Integrated wallet management system

Access to gaming licenses

Multiple payment methods

Banner management

Benefits Of Our Daily Fantasy Sports App Development Services

Chat With An Expert

Product Localization

With a focus on cultural nuances, language preferences, and regional requirements, ZabSports ensures that their fantasy sports app is tailored to provide an immersive and personalized experience for users worldwide.

Shorter Time To Market

Get your daily fantasy sports app to the market faster as we take care of its design and development using agile methodology, and keep you looped in.


Our daily fantasy apps are platform neutral and run smoothly on all devices - be it web or native mobile applications or tablets.


We always hope that your app is an overnight success, and so we build functionality to ensure quick scalability.

Support For Non-sports

Apart from sports, we also offer daily fantasy apps for non-sports such as reality TV, political fantasy, and stock fantasy apps.

Seamless Gaming

Our daily fantasy apps have stunning UX and intuitive UI for a friction-less gaming experience.



White Label Season-Long Fantasy Sports App v/s Custom Season-Long Fantasy Sports App

White Label DFS

We have a track record of creating # 1 DFS white label software for NFL, Baseball, Soccer, Cricket

  • Ready-to Use Platform
  • Necessary Features
  • Engaging Game Types
  • Faster Time To Market
  • On-Demand Customization

Custom DFS

We are your most trusted custom fantasy sports software providers.

  • Fully Tailor-Made Solution
  • Custom Features
  • Brand-Related Designs
  • Custom Game Types

We Empower Multiple Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Trendiest Daily Fantasy Sports Game Types


Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP)

In these contests, users pay an entry fee and compete against a large field of players. The top finishers receive a portion of the prize pool, with higher payouts going to higher-ranked participants.


Head-to-Head (H2H)

Two players face off against each other. Each participant creates a lineup, and the player with the highest score at the end of the contest wins the prize.

Double Up

50/50 or Double Up

Roughly half of the participants win, and the other half lose. If you finish in the top half, you receive an equal share of the prize pool, usually doubling your entry fee.



Multiplier contests offer varying prize structures. For example, a 3x multiplier contest would triple your entry fee if you finish in the top percentage of participants.



They are similar to GPP but usually have a higher degree of competition due to the larger player pool. Tournaments may have unique scoring formats or special rules.


Satellites and Qualifiers

These contests offer the opportunity to win entry into higher-stakes contests or live events. Instead of directly paying the entry fee for the target contest, participants compete in satellites or qualifiers to secure their spot.

Cash Games

Cash Games

Cash games refer to contests where participants play for real money. It includes H2H matchups, 50/50s, and other games with guaranteed prize pools.

Our Process 


We hear your ideas, analyze requirements, and create project scope.

Design & Planning

We design the architecture and system components, structure, modules and interfaces.

Development & Testing

We then write clean, modular and efficient code as per industry best practices. Then we conduct quality checks - auto and manual.

Deployment & Maintenance

We deploy the software in a production environment, and then ensure ongoing maintenance and support.

Why Choose Us ?

With the help of our custom sports betting app development services, you can leverage the multi-billion dollars betting industry in the easiest way possible. Our solutions are robust and help clients to generate maximum revenue and get greater ROI. Following are the major reasons of why you:

Expert Daily Fantasy Sports Programmers

Zabsports has a team of daily fantasy game programmers who know how to transform your creative ideas into stunning fantasy sports experiences through their expertise in the field of coding, algorithms, and game development frameworks.

Daily Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts

All of our developers, coders, and project managers in our team are former daily fantasy sports players who have actively engaged in daily fantasy football, daily fantasy cricket and daily fantasy soccer. They think like your users.

Bespoke Daily Fantasy Sports App Development Company

We will tailor-make your daily fantasy sports app and turn it into a profit machine for you through scalability and a secure system. Our offerings include development, analytics, QA /testing, UI/UX design, deployment, and project management with a competitive expertise.

Client-Centric Approach

Just as our designers and coders empathize with your users, our team in general empathizes with your vision. We keep you as the center of our development, and project management.

Agile Methodology

Our agile project management ensures you have time to market, while we take care of all your development and coding needs.

Competitive Pricing

We offer reasonable pricing options for you to bring your dream gaming business vision to life. Choose based on your needs, and budget. 

Our Partnerships

Data Partners
Casino Partners
Evolution gaming
Kube vc
Gambling Commission
Gaming Laboratories
General Data Protection Regulation
Payment Gateways
First Data
Harvex +

Frequently asked questions ?

Can’t find the anwer you are looking for?

A Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) app is a mobile application that allows users to create their own fantasy sports teams and compete against other users in daily or weekly contests. It has gained popularity due to its unique format, offering users the ability to engage in fantasy sports in a shorter time frame, as opposed to traditional season-long leagues.

Some essential features to consider for a DFS app include user registration and login, player selection and team creation, real-time player statistics and scoring updates, contest management, secure payment integration, social sharing, leaderboards, and user notifications. At ZabSports, we provide white label fantasy sports software development that has a user-friendly interface and seamless performance for better user experience.

Yes we sure can. To ensure that your app meets all legal requirements, we consult with legal experts who specialize in gaming and gambling regulations in the jurisdictions you plan to target. They can guide you through the licensing process and help you understand and adhere to the specific laws and regulations governing DFS operations.

There are several monetization strategies that you may employ. Some of the primary sources of revenue are entry fees from users participating in contests, commission or rake on contest entry fees, advertising partnerships with brands or sponsors, premium features or subscriptions, and collaborations with sports leagues or teams for exclusive content or promotions. Choosing the right combination of monetization methods depends on your target audience and business goals.

While real-money transactions are common in DFS apps, they are not necessarily a requirement. If you have specific questions about this, we will be happy to chat up with you.

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