Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Reviews

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program is a program that educates mixed martial arts enthusiasts on new ways that can help to impose the endurance,power and technique.

It is the number one training program on MMA in the internet.It is inform of an ebook and comprises of downloadable PDF guidelines and videos that are compiled by Eric Wong , an experienced and professional UFC trainer.

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He has written it based on experience and intense study.As the name suggests it is meant for MMA conditioning and not body building.It does not include supplements to go with the workouts.

This is a program that is designed not only for armature and MMA enthusiasts and professional athletes but also beginners who are seeking to try a new fitness program.

This training requires that you understand how exercises affect the body and will require a lot of commitment.

How Does It Work?

The concept on the working of the Ultimate Strength and conditioning program is explained in three concept

  • Strength

The author, Eric Wong, explains the different types of strength and how MMA differs from body building strength.He recommends body building as it is important to perfecting body strength .

He also recommends setting of an optimum time in which to achieve an elite level of fitness through he a process that he calls periodization.

Following of this routine well ensure that fighters do not plateau.The fighters also have to change the routine every four weeks.

  • Cardio

He explains how cardio and workouts work together.The specific workouts highlighted here include: anaerobic alactic,aerobic and anaerobic alactic.

  • Power

This calls for different medicine ball exercises that should be done in short sets ,say 15 seconds with a full rest in between each of them.

The author also recommends the use of the following equipment at home or in the gym .Dumbbells, Barbell, Swiss ball ,Bench press and Squat rack.

The Ultimate Strength Conditioning Program is available in digital form and it can be found on their official website.This program includes: a master manual,a video exercise library,a PDF exercise library,a training guide and a quick start checklist.

Pros of this program

As expected,this is a program with a myriad of benefits.Some of the benefits are highlighted below.

This program is easy to follow and understand.Eric Wong explains every concept of his work in an easy to understand manner.It does not include fancy words or scientific terminologies that are complex and which can easily confuse you .

The program also has videos that make understanding much easier.This program also has a checklist and demonstrations to help you making it easier and effective too.

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The program is designed in a manner that is convenient to practice.It recommends two short intensive workouts weekly which can fit in anyone's schedule especially people who are not taking MMA conditioning on a full time basis or those that only want to experience MMA training.

Its content is also comprehensive.It gives you all the information that you need to know on how to condition your body for combat training.It utilizes video demonstrations and didactic discussion giving you a personal feeling without actually seeing the trainer .

It is versatile as it is meant for different groups of people.The information that is provided is presented in a straight forward manner making it ideal for beginners.

It is not meant specifically for MMA fighting as it can also be used by those that want to learn general techniques of fitness and those that want to condition their bodies for combat.

The program goes for $77 making it a good value for your money considering the amount of quality that you will get from the program.You will learn a lot of information about MMA conditioning keeping your body fit on a small investment.


This program does not have major disadvantages.However, it is important to note that;

The program is not available in hard copy format.Yes, the digital format is good because it is easily available and you will save on shipping cost.

However, it could have been better if it was available in hard copy because some people do not have the gadgets to help them operate the program.

Its online format does not provide the option of ordering it in hard copy.You can however always print it if you want.

Using of this program calls for additional expenses.You will need equipment such as Dumbbells, Barbell, Swiss ball ,Bench press and Squat rack which can only be found at the gym.

You will therefore to buy this equipment which could be costly or to join a gym.You will still have to pay for the gym.

In addition, to have a complete guide on MMA conditioning you will need to pay for additional offers on weight cutting tips , nutritional guides and mental tips.

This program is not a complete guide as it only talks about exercises.It does not mention nutritional tips and other factors that can help you to maximize your MMA conditioning.The other guides are available, but you will have to buy them.

As it can be seen from the information provided above the Ultimate MMA Strength Conditioning Program is a comprehensive and unique guide on how to train so as to be an MMA fighter.


It has the best explanation of energy system development and periodization. It provides step to step processes which are easy to understand on how to do exercises.

It is backed with a theory on exercises that helps you to understand the reason you are doing the exercises.It does not take time and therefore ideal for combat sport athletes and beginners.

In conclusion, the Ultimate MMA strength and conditioning program is the best guide for anyone that is interested in starting MMA training and those that want to optimize on their work outs.It is available on the cheap and you can start experiencing the results after a short while.