The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf Reviews

A lot of people have narrated their experiences of how they had hit a dead end on the subject of learning golf but got their lives turned around by a simple lesson.

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After quite a struggle, it emerged that the only barrier that existed between them and their big breakthrough was a guide called The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf. Available in DVD, CD, e-book and hard copy versions, the guide is the most impactful, eye opening and practical piece of information that will inspire and incredibly lead you to excellency on the subject of golf.

Meet the Author

Joe Dante is a renowned teaching professional in America. Similar to his father, J.J Dante, who co-authored The Nine Bad Shots of Golf, Joe Dante has also focused on the teaching side of the game.

Members of Rock-away River Country Club where Joe Dante is based hold him in high esteem. This is evidenced by the fact that he's been granted an annual day called “Dante's Inferno”.

Furthermore, he's been elected President of the New Jersey professional Golfers Association. Dante demonstrated the simplicity in boosting one's game and also gave the best comprehensive analysis concerning the swing mechanics.

Composition of the program

33 years after it's original publication, the instructional material is still relevant today. Initially, the product was sold as a digital download comprising of several MP3 files and an e-book. One could easily move the files into an MP3 player or iPod and listen to it at their own pleasure.

Buying the e-book however is considered advantageous since you get an instant download and also a full version of the book. If reading is your passion or preferred way to go about this, then the e-book is your best option since it's affordable and quick to understand.

Sometimes people prefer printing out the e-book and and taking sections with them, which is good by the way, but on the other hand you may be subjected to certain inconveniences such as loosing the leaflet or experiencing other technical problems.

This is probably why we have the hard copy versions. The full version of the book consists of: The four magic moves, the complete short game, Timing and Rhythm, In and Out of trouble and a guide on a thinking your way around the chapters. Furthermore, there's also a version for left handed players which is a “plus” to the package.

The CD version, easy to digest and follow, is also available whereby you can listen anytime and anywhere as you wish.

For those who learn by watching and practicing, the DVD version is your best choice. It's short (35 Minutes) and only concentrates on what you ought to do. Getting hold of any of those will serve you nothing less of a breakthrough in the game.


How it works

Joe Dante begins by demystifying all the misconceptions about the game and he further states that if impressive golf is to be practiced, then the poor player has to improve first by all means.

He suggests that purging has to take place despite how painful it may be. Dante concentrates on the physical checkpoints, as he reveals each move, to make every golfer aware that their swings must be on the right track.

Additionally, all your doubts will be cleared since discussions on various areas surrounding the The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf are part of the package. Discussions on: Preventing “Power Leaks”, naturally hitting the perfect inside-out swing, how to blast the ball thus unleashing swing energy, spotting mistakes in your swing before reaching the first tee and also using the natural torque in your pivot in blowing right through the ball with accelerating power a la Sergio Garcia or even Tiger Woods have all been covered.

It's easy and straightforward and unlike other information or guides available all over, this one is daring in its approach to mastering the game.

Target users

The book has been recommended as a must read for PGA professionals, the games' finest teachers and all the players that are serious on improving their golf swing.

If ever you dream of having a consistent game, this book is also the ultimate choice for you since it will help you get better at it and have an incredible performance on the field.

Advantages of this product

The New Four Magic ways to Winning Golf boasts of the following advantages:

  • It has money back guarantee meaning it's completely risk free.
  • Left handed golf players have been taken care of through the guides for left handed players.
  • Instant downloads, in case of the book, and also a full version of it.
  • One can print the e-book and take out the sections with them.
  • The book, spiral-bound on both sides, offers you good value for your money(pocket friendly).
  • The CD version enhances flexibility since you can practice anywhere and everywhere.
  • The DVD version, with a PGA professional as the instructor highly enhances the watch and practice aspect.

Disadvantages of the product

  • DVD version only runs 35 minutes and focuses on the four moves as Dante intended them to work out. Rest of the information contained in the books has not been discussed.
  • Printing out the e-book into a “loose leaf” version may inconvenience you through getting misplaced or lost

Evidence the product works

If consistently followed and all the details observed, The New Four Magic Ways to Winning Golf will improve your swing. All the appointments and recognition bestowed upon Joe Dante allude to the success of his product.

Reading the reviews and listening to testimonials by the users of the guide, especially the book, will easily make you think they are bogus but take note that one wouldn't stand by a book like this lest they truly believe everything in it works out perfect.

If you really love the game of golf and would wish to get better at it, this is the ultimate choice for you. With consistent training, this instructions will give you complete value for your money.

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The approach and revelations contained in Joe Dante's work establish the sure foundation for excellent golfing experience. Apart from pitching its reputation as the authority guide and source for the golf subject, The New Four Magic Ways To Winning Golf will inspire and motivate you to pursue golfing with passion.

Don't hesitate, grab your copy of the e-book or DVD or CD and witness the change take place.